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  • Autolock system eliminates the need to attach safety restraint chains
  • Utilising the telehandlers’ tilt function to tip the load ensures that the Autolock cannot be accidentally tipped
  • No levers or cables are required to discharge the Autolock so the driver can remain safely seated within the cab
  • Designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom from British and European steel
  • Standard width fork pockets reduces the need for adjustment of forks
  • Heavy duty, thoroughly tested and built to last; designed to withstand the daily rigours of construction sites
  • Raked-back design prevents damage to the skip


400 litres 900mm 1335mm 740mm
500 litres 990mm 1463mm 740mm
750 litres 990mm 1463mm 1100mm
1200 litres 1070mm 1714mm 1225mm
1500 litres 1070mm 1715mm 1495mm