The main brush is made up of just 7 components, which allows them to be replaced very quickly.

  • Easy height adjustment of brushes.
  • Simple hydraulic system with a single 1-way valve.
  • Robust hopper design for collecting dirt and waste.
  • Pivot-free, oil impregnated brushes connection.
  • 3 wheels for maximum stability, allowing the Powerbrush to follow uneven ground.  It has been designed with 2 wheels at the rear of the unit, for durability, as that is where there is the largest downward force from the telehandler’s forks.
  • Heel pin storage for spare pins, or when the Powerbrush is not in use.
  • 250 litres capacity water tank, with plug for quick release if required. The tank cap is supplied with a cable attaching it to the tank to prevent loss.